A Mother’s Day Message to my Children

To my children:

I never existed before you were born. Your first breaths gave me life, too. 

Loving and raising you has set the standard in my life, and you have saved me from a lifetime of searching for you – searching for my purpose. 

You are my gift – my reward – from the Heavens. All the proof of God I need is in your faces. 

It was just yesterday that you swam and kicked in my belly, and then I blinked and three adults now stand before me. Time is cruel to a mom. 

It is true that with every turn of life’s wheel, I will start to grow old and grey and weak. But even then, knowing that I will be leaving a beautiful mark on this world through the three of you, my heart will be full and my life will be complete. 

We had more chaos than most, but if you could only know how much each moment mattered to me. They are etched on my heart.

And how could you possibly know how much I thank you, for all of it?

When the pages of my life end, you will understand it all, and see that you, my three angels, were my most beautiful chapter.