My Dedication

This is for my daughter. Your first breath gave me life, too.  God used you to help me grow. You have known struggle and defeat, but instead of surrendering, something beautiful emerged within you: humility, compassion, and strength. And these, my angel, are the qualities that will ensure your extraordinary destiny. I’m in awe of you.

This is for my youngest son. Today when I look at the young man you’ve become – strong, thoughtful, caring – I realize that the dreams I held in my heart for you since the day you were born are alive and well in your spirit.  I’m so proud of and grateful for you.

And this is for my autistic son.  

You have taught me that with unimaginable courage, one can continuously endure and overcome… despite an uphill climb. God sent you to me because He knew I’d love and care for you beyond reason.

They said you couldn’t, but you can. They say you won’t, but you will.

It is an honor being your mom.

Not all superheroes wear capes.” – Anonymous.


Autism & Red Lipstick Author